Project Based

College Savings:

College tuition and fees have increased by 1200% since 1980, while inflation is up 236% leaving millions of individuals and families in debt. Some ways to prepare are college savings plans such as opening up custodial accounts and 529 plans. Before saving and contributing to a plan, learn more on how these plans works. There are investment options, rules on contributions and withdrawals, tax benefits, fees, and risks. We will discuss and find the right approach for you.

Debt Management:

Big or small, debt is a burden on the shoulders of many. In order to relieve you and your family of this burden, let us show you the different ways we can discuss on how to overcome them. Together, we will work towards growing and saving your money in order to move towards eliminating your debt completely!

Cash Flow:

This form of investment included a myriad of different investing methods that demonstrate cash generated or spent in relation to these activities. Such activities include purchases of physical assets, investments in securities, or the sale of securities or assets. In other words, real estate investment and stocks fall under this category!

Retirement Planning:

Do you know what your “number” is? This is number you need to know to live the lifestyle you want in retirement. Together, we can work towards figuring that out for you and your family. Some of these retirement plans include accounts such as 401(k), Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and more.
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