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As individual investors, it can be very overwhelming with all the noise, temptation and so many different available investment options out there. The ups and downs, and the changes in the capital and political landscape can make you feel even more unease. With so much to consider, many individuals end up making the same common mistakes:

  • Overreacting to recent market events
  • Chasing top-performing funds
  • Holding on to funds too long
  • Not allocating appropriately
Bamboo Investment Management does the work for you 
After answering a few questions, we suggest which portfolio is most suitable for you based on your risk tolerance (how much risk you willing to take – ranging from conservative to aggressive). From there, you can start setting aside and investing a certain amount of money per month consistently over time. The contributions may seem meaningless in the near term, but you will be surprised how much you’ll have as time goes on. Time will pass either way – hook your future self up!
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Change Starts with a Single Step

What are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in your future.

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