Assets Under Management (AUM) Model

Private Wealth Management

We charge a certain percentage of assets under management. This wrap fee includes full access to Bamboo on an ongoing basis, financial planning, college planning, retirement planning, and more! This is a popular option with asset management firms, but other forms of compensation are available. AUM is the total market value of your money that is being managed by an investor, in this case, Bamboo Investment Management. This value fluctuates daily, reflecting the flow of money in and out of a particular fund and the price performance of the assets.

As independent advisors we have access to thousands of mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments. Free from the constraint of proprietary products and investment banking relationships, we are able to work with our clients to determine which investment options are best suited for their unique financial situation.

Fees are charged based on chart below:

0.25% fee only applies for being invested into our Institutional Intelligence Portfolios “IIP”. Anything at $50,000 or higher does come with access to Bamboo on an ongoing basis including financial planning and other services.

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