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Frequently asked questions

$0. Click on the link to learn more

0.25% fee only applies for being invested into the Set Models. Anything at $50,000 or higher does come with access to Bamboo on an ongoing basis including financial planning and other services.  
No hidden fees, we are extremely transparent on fees and performance.
You’re absolutely right! There are tons of places where you can get free services on investing. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming what to do, where to do it, how to do it and not get caught up with the noise. Bamboo, just like other investment firms, provides simple and super low cost portfolios where it will invest for you. Now, if you like to invest yourself and believe in Investing in Sustainable Growth and like to invest the same we do, join our Newsletter to gain the inside scoop of our investments. Click here to learn more (Have link send to Newsletter section under Services)
Getting to know each other and understanding what’s important to you.
It all depends. Some people like to get in contact over their financial plan/investments once a year, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. It’s important to make you feel comfortable and have a peace of mind throughout the process.
Your money is held with Charles Schwab at all times. You will have full online access and a mobile app to access your accounts.
You are always in control of your money. You have the option to leave Bamboo at any time and continue having access to your money or transfer it wherever you like.
Not yet.
No. Integrity is Value #1.

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