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Bamboo Investment Management is an investment firm focused on helping people tune out the noise and stay invested with a discipline strategy that will put the odds in their favor.

Planning for the future?

You’re doing the right thing– let Bamboo Investment Management show you how. Regardless of your current financial situation, our process will present you with options on the different ways to build sustainable wealth and guide you along the way.
01. Risk Tolerance

Understanding, taking and managing risk are all essential in the process of building wealth.

02. Financial Planning & Analysis

Taking a holistic approach to financial planning will help you get the most out of your finances for years to come.

03. Portfolio Implementation

We’ll implement and continue to monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and make any changes if needed.

Compound Interest = Your Biggest Ally

Bamboos are one of the most sustainable growing materials on the planet. We believe your wealth should be too. Having a tailored plan that allows your money to grow at a sustainable rate for a sustainable pace will give you the confidence and reminder of the power of compound interest.
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First, we get to know a little more about you, your goals, concerns and develop a vision for your financial future.


After analyzing your info, we then create a personalized roadmap tailored to what’s most important to your goals.


We put together a plan and execute your process to guide you along the way towards building sustainable wealth.


We hold periodic meetings to review your portfolio progress, giving you a peace of mind and sense of accountability.
Meet Ali Shahhosseini (LinkedIn Version)
Founder & Managing Member

Prior to founding Bamboo Investment ManagementAli worked as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He advised corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and families on all aspects of their financial lives. He is a Portfolio Advisor, who in addition to providing traditional advice and guidance has helped clients pursue their investment objectives by implementing a diversified, systematic, discipline strategy that removes emotion out of the investment process. 

Ali is skilled in a range of offerings, including wealth management, cash flow modeling and tax efficient strategies. Ali reviews both side of a client’s balance sheet to identify gaps and capitalize on opportunities for a more efficient use of capital. He takes a highly discipline approach to addressing the investment needs of clients, sensitive to their risk parameters, personal timelines, lifestyle needs, and long-term goals. 

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